Soaring to a better you!

By: Brittany Gonzales Deciding to hold yourself accountable for your actions is admirable. People may have caused your pain and suffering, but you design your life. I strive not to let my depression and anxiety keep me down. Instead, I soar to my better self!    I have learned that life is not going to […]

The Power of Poetry

Strands of my Red Hair  By: Brittany Gonzales  Strands of my red hair fall daily,   In a blink I lose a piece of myself——  Where do all of these pieces reside?  Are they on my chocolate-colored couch, sunk in between the cushions?  Will they appear in the unlikeliest of places, the need to collect my pieces back,  Next, these fine hairs can […]

 Low Effort Yields Low Results & Why 

I have learned a lot in my 29 years of living. While that does not make me a “seasoned” pro, I have great insights. I have always had wisdom in me that I love to share! At times I do feel like an old soul.   While I have only been on this beautiful earth […]

Self-care has Many Faces 

Why is self-care important? Self-care is something that you do for yourself because it is needed. Further, you cannot expect to be happy and take care of others if you first cannot take care of yourself. I always try to suggest to people that taking care of yourself first is not selfish. Once you get […]


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