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Lucy the Doggo and Pong the Kitty: A Tale of Cymbals and Barks

(Tale 9)

By: Brittany Gonzales


There never lived a better doggo than Lucy the Chihuahua, such the perfect little nose, beautiful white fur in her old age, and the sashay of her creaky hips as she walks, old doggo, cute doggo, 

And then lives a cranky cat with jet black fur, Pong, the evil kitty but also sweet, with claws of destruction if you are brave enough to pet him, 

Yes, the sweet aroma of tuna, a nice treat, Pong prances about, dances around his cat bowl, halts and licks his tuna, as he eats his treat, his fat pouches touch the floor, His fat pouches, the dewlaps, clap against each other like two cymbals, making a sing song sound, 🎵 

Lucy, surprised by the sound, sashays to the noise, while Pong is distracted, she finishes off the tuna and runs, small white legs prancing away from the thievery, Pong not suspecting anything is amiss, prepares to open his mouth, watering in anticipation for more of the yummies, his eyes close excitedly,  Sniffing the air for the aroma, his sniffer does not detect the treat, eyes open, tears form down his furry face.

Aww man, no more yummies. Who could have done such a horrible thing? Pong ponders. Looking around he finds Lucy with tuna all over, even in her ears!  Barking at Pong to stop looking evilly at her, she charges toward him gallantly, trips and slides towards his fat cymbals. 

Ouch!  Hitting her face against the cymbals, a sound of “Cling-clang” is heard throughout the house. Not seriously injured, she bounces away in embarrassment. Aww, yes! The power of my fat cymbals! Pong exclaims with gusto. 


Sid the squid and Ollie the Octopus(Tale 13) 

By: Brittany Gonzales

In the cold Atlantic Ocean, Sid the squid lives deep within the waters, always on the search for a friendly mate. Ollie the octopus, not the friendliest of octos, swims within the currents, trying to settle and find a home. 

 Sid, daring to go within the currents, swims gingerly up and BAM! He knocks into a large brown octopus! WOWZA! The octo looks at him with a mean piercing gaze, unable to talk because of the blunt force of the squid’s bump.  

Tentacles at the ready to slap Sid, Ollie is about to throw the first slap, but Sid with catlike reflexes swims into another current. Ollie with red hot anger, will not let him get away so easily.

The audacity to knock into him was fully on his mind.  How dare that odd squid bump into him! I am such a lustrous being, no one dares to mess with me. 

Finally caught up with Sid, Ollie swims alongside him. Instead of slapping the daring squid, he decides to strike up a conversation. “Why would you bump into me? Did you not see my beautiful, brown sheen?” 

Ollie, sensing the octo is full of himself, decides to be friendly. “I am so sorry! Please forgive the misfortune I have brought upon, such a beautiful creature!”  Wow! He too thought I am beautiful, Ollie thought. Perhaps the squid is not so silly.  

His ego could be felt for miles that day. Whenever anyone approaches Ollie now, they always start with a compliment on his lovely skin.  

Now you can find Ollie and Sid swimming within the same currents. Sid always giving Ollie compliments and Ollie holding back that dangerous slap.

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