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Flipsy the Rhinoceros and Carl the Meercat 

(Tale 11)

By: Brittany Gonzales

Scarlet was a lonely opossum, raising her babies by herself. Alas, she was ready for them to leave the nest, but they are only 1 and half months old. Ugh, 3 months to go! The days are long with these little tikes. 

One day a shooting star flew across the sky, lighting up the mother opossum’s world for a night. Scarlet wished upon a star and asked for a friend. Fearing she would not be able to raise her babies alone for much longer, tears formed down her face as she fell asleep.  

Glorious! The sun rose and the day was so beautiful from her tree home. Below the hollowed-out hole in her maple tree home was a weird fluffy figure. What could it be? 

Max the goldendoodle was on the prowl for a treat. He spots a maple tree! He loves the taste of its leaves and hurriedly runs towards it. He bumps into Scarlet and her four babies as they were leaving the nest.  

That day was the start of their adventures. Such an unlikely pairing, but they were happy campers. 

One tale of the golden banana was a legend amongst the forest animals. The tale goes that Scarlet, her babies, and Max were seeking out a yummy treat. They found a supermarket full of these odd shaped, golden morsels!  

Not knowing what these were, they all ran inside with a twinkle in their eyes.  

Max used his sniffer to find dinner for his friends. Alas! The light formed a halo over a golden morsel. Aww! It smelled so good.  

Scarlet and Max ate all the bananas that day, along with the babies. Also, they accidentally caused all the stores shelves to collapse! Those golden delicacies were just too yummy! 

Max’s tail waved and shook the ground, causing the shelves to fall. Understandably, the store clerk shooed all of them away with a broom. Max has yet to see the check for all those wasted groceries. 

Flipsy the Rhinoceros and Carl the Meercat 

(Tale 12) 

By: Brittany Gonzales

Two mortal enemies, the rhinoceros and the meercat, lived in Africa amongst all the other savannah animals.  

Flipsy the rhinoceros, the only purple rhinoceros in Africa, loved eating plums. Her love for this purple fruit is how her rough skin became such a lustrous purple.  

Carl the meercat loved doing mischievous deeds. His innocent demeanor and eyes made him the perfect scoundrel.  

The rhinos did not like meercats because they were always popping out of their holes, at the most inconvenient of times.  

Look ahead! Cried Flipsy. Ahead is the biggest plum tree her eyes ever gazed upon. Rushing towards the tree with gusto-her horn ready for the tasty morsels.  

Carl spotting Flipsy, his no.1 foe rushing towards his favorite hole beneath the plum tree, he devises a most mischievous plan.  

Carl gets out his band saw and starts cutting a hole around the plum tree.  

Flipsy is excited for the yummies, she does not notice Carl and his saw. At last, she has reached her destination, but the earth is shaking! Whoa!  

Poor Flipsy falls through the earth and crashes into a poor meercats home. The plums smashing all over the meercat’s yellow shag rug and couch.  

Carl mocking Flipsy from above. Ha! My plan has worked. He scampers away to do another bad deed. Poor Flipsy was covered in her favorite treat, and she yells at Carl from below.  

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