List of Things to Help you Relax

I know how hard it can be to live with anxiety and depression. My blog is based on this after all! I live with these illnesses daily. There are ways you can relax when you are having an anxiety attack or a depressive episode.

Ways to Relax: 

  1. Breath in for 8 seconds. Breath out for 7 seconds. And so forth. The breathing technique can help you during an anxiety attack. I have used this method during my attacks and it helps! 
  1. Write down things that bring you stress, anxiety, and depression. Life can bring about all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. If you write down what triggers you, you can better be prepared next time. Plus, writing is very therapeutic! 
  1. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Exercising releases endorphins that will help you relax. Once you get to the act of exercising it will calm you down. For example, my favorite machines are the treadmill and exercise bike. These two machines always relax me. 
  1. Read a self-help book. Reading in general, if you like it can be relaxing. Self-help books are great ways to learn.  
  1. Visualize your calm. Focus on relaxing.  
  1. Go outside! Nature is a therapeutic technique I use all the time. I love nature and how beautiful it can be.  

There are risks that can happen if you do not relax enough. These risks can be less sleep, headaches, blurry vision, forgetfulness, chest pain, and more. Try to remain calm so you do not have a negative effect on your health.  

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