Healthy Coping Mechanisms for Stress 

Stress can be something that hinders your reality. However, it can be handled in a way that helps you cope.  

Coping Mechanisms 

  • Ask for help and support 
  • Make yourself a priority (very important) 
  • Choose healthy strategies over unhealthy ones 
  • Learn to find out what stresses you (be proactive) 
  • Focus on the positive 
  • Exercise & meditation 
  • Move beyond coping! 

Asking for help and support 

The first step to take is asking for help and support. This help can come from a family member, friend or licensed professional. Currently, I am handling my stress with the help of a counselor. Counselors can help you handle your stress! I would recommend seeking help in some form. Asking for help shows a sign of strength rather than weakness.  

Make yourself a priority 

By choosing to make yourself a priority, you can focus on your life. Try to think about things that stress you out.  

Choose healthy strategies over unhealthy ones 

A person that chooses healthy strategies can alleviate the mental chaos that comes with stress. A healthy strategy could be journaling, thinking before you speak/be proactive.  

Learn to find out what stresses you (be proactive) 

Proactive, proactive, proactive! This proactiveness is important because you cannot help your stress by not doing anything.  

Focus on the positive 

Focusing on the positive aspects of your life will help alleviate stress. Remember positivity takes less energy than a negative one! 

Exercise & meditation 

Exercise is a great way to handle stress. Exercise releases good endorphins in your brain and body. Meditation is another way too. Breathe in and out. Imagine a beautiful place or your favorite place. Take away distractions while meditating. Focus.  

Move beyond coping! 

By moving beyond coping, it will be one less thing to worry about. 

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