10 Journal Prompts for Depression 

  1. How did my day go? What are some good things that happened to me? 
  1. What things or activities worsen my depression? 
  1. What helps me cope when I encounter these things? 
  1. How can I be productive and get help for my depression? 
  1. Describe my ideal self. How can I get closer to that? 
  1. Create a mindfulness practice and write about your experience. 
  1. Write about 3 self-care actions and act upon them. 
  1. What are my goals for the day? 
  1. What is my happy place and why? 
  1. Did I practice self-care today? If not, why?  

Depression can be a beast. It takes your energy and swallows it up. Remember depression is an everyday battle, but if you keep ahead of it and write about it in a journal, it can be a great coping mechanism. You are not alone in your battle.  

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