Positive Vibes Only, Sir & Madam 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

Aligning your life towards positive vibes and thoughts could be the best thing you do. Think of it this way, it takes more energy to create negative thoughts and vibes than it does positivity. Why not treat yourself to a dose of optimism? 

I have a shirt that says, “Positive….mind, vibes, and life.” In fact, it was my muse for today’s post. I try to live my life surrounded with only positive things. I would rather not waste my energy on negativity because we only have so much time on this beautiful planet. 

Sure, there are times I am down and those negative thoughts creep into my mind. However, for every negative thought change it with a positive. For example, “I just can’t today, I want to lie in bed all day.” Instead say, “I CAN live today and I WILL get out of bed.” Positive thoughts. Positive actions. Positive vibes. Positive life.  

Please sir or madam, only positive vibes this way! Do not let others darken your sunshine!  

The Whispering Willows 

The whispering willows sang peacefully as the wind wailed through its hanging branches 

The branches not ceasing against the powerful forces of the gale, their melody intensifying 

Continuing to quietly belt out beautiful sounds, even when the rain poured down, 

Trees so mighty are the willows, against the forces of nature they stand firm 

The hanging leaves acting like a barrier, protecting the tree from destruction, 

Never letting the powerful forces stop it from living.  

We could all learn from the whispering willows.  

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