How To Find the Right Therapist When Going Through a Mental Health Crisis 

When choosing a therapist, finding one you are comfortable with is best. The therapist is the person you will be sharing your innermost thoughts with and solace.   

When searching for a therapist, I chose a woman because I was more comfortable that way. First, write down why you want to see a therapist. Then write down the discussions you want to have with that person. Next, get some recommendations from your doctor and go from there.  

Sometimes you may go through a few therapists until you find the right fit for yourself. Fortunately, I found a great therapist specializing in childhood trauma, which I needed.   

“Get over it”  

It took me several years to seek help from a therapist. I thought I could heal myself. Plus, society wants you to “get over it.” I finally told myself seeking help makes you stronger. Going against society’s woes to me makes you stronger and more admirable.   

Mental Health is a Journey  

The healing journey will be a lengthy battle, but it will be worth it in the end. It would be best if you had that healing to live a great life. Everyone should seek help in one form or another—a sound support system is what you need in this life. I have good friends, family, a doctor, and a therapist to help me through my mental health issues.  

I have been in the battle of overcoming my issues for several years. It has taken me a long time to seek healing or help because of my stubbornness. Society will not make you better with a flick of a wand. You must help yourself because society will let you slip through the cracks.  

The stigma towards mental health issues is vital and should not be that way. Why is wanting to heal a terrible thing? Especially if society is the one that hurts you. Do not listen to the stigma and find your solace!  

Furthermore, a therapist will be able to help you through your issues. So, why wouldn’t you find that perfect therapist?   

Loving yourself is an attractive and a good thing. If you seek help, this shows you love and care about yourself. Making yourself a priority is attractive. Further, saying what you want is attractive too.   

I came across a post on Facebook about ego. It was something we could all live by and gain inspiration. It talked about the power of a person’s ego. Having an ego can be a good thing because it takes you off the sidelines of life; it gets you in the game. Once you are in the game, you can figure out the rest. Moreover, ego leads your healing steps, compassion, and bold moves! It was a great post.  

Embrace your positivity   

This quote from Worship of Light on Facebook is perfect, too, “respect yourself and appreciate your pure and positive energy. In turn, you will awaken a new understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.  

Embracing that positive light while seeking help in the dark times is powerful! Seek that therapist and forget what society thinks! 

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