Turning Negative Self-Talk into a Superpower 

Who knew negative self-talk could be turned into something else. I often tell myself negative things, but instantly it turned into something positive.  

Such as, “Bitch, you look rough today and your hair is sad.” I then change it to, “Bitch you work hard, and you can use dry shampoo for that dead hair, Lol.” In life it is all a matter of how you perceive things. I practice mindfulness, gratitude, and intentional thinking. Even negative thinking can lead somewhere nice (if you change your mindset). 

Mindfulness is being aware of the things around you. Once you do, you will realize things that make you happy. Also, it is being aware of other’s feelings. It is not good to be rude, mean, or negative towards an innocent person when you are hurting or ever. 

Gratitude is being thankful for your life and other things. For example, I am grateful for my blog, friends, and family. These things keep me going and happy. 

Net, intentional thinking is to always think with a clear mind. To intentionally have a positive mindset. Most importantly, to always grow as a person and change when necessary. Change is good.  

You are stronger than you think!!! Keep your head held high.

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