Alone on the beach with only driftwood for company that day,​

I felt the disembodied moment of solitude, peace only an afterthought, ​

As the smokey haze engulfed the air and the wildfires suffocated Mother Earth,​

My tears could not form from the hazardous atmosphere and my eyes burned,​

The Puget Sound air is not so pure anymore, sadly a reality, ​

Knowing people forget how vulnerable our planet has become,​

Her fragility not on their minds as they continue to build waste,​

Surely, they are apart from nature as they ignore the enemy in front of them,​

Feeling like the driftwood beside me, my tears turn into ash as my thoughts drift.​

As the years muster forth with continual strain, our destruction and apparent disregard is evident,​

Mother Earth is crying to be let out of the destructive human trap, we muffle out her pleas,​

With many careless to her plights, writings of an extinction level event are in the textbooks, ​

The fear of this event is palpable in my heart and mind, my dreams have become hazy, smokey dreams,​

Tucked in bed at night my dreams are not as bright, the sun cannot peer between all the smokey haze. ​

Then I wake up to relive similar moments daily. ​


The quiet pulse of the night reverberated through the trees, As the wind sang its peaceful tune to all,​

Singing of a glorious world while others sleep, such tenderness fills my body,​

Then the scent of the Puget Sound air fills my nostrils as I know the power,​
The power of the calm still night,​

The night recharges my senses anew, alas!

Aww….the sweet bliss of purity,​
I close my eyes and feel the vibrations and calmness of the dark,​
I am at peace and let out a deep breath,​
Feeling the touch of night’s hands as it lulls me to sleep. I rest.​

I finally can say, “Good night world. Rest your head upon a weary pillow. Tomorrow will ring new.”​

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