ROFL Poetry

Blinky, the world’s slowest cat lived on Mill Street in London, an unremarkable street,​

Until the howling cat came on the scene, wanting to be heard,​

When people would walk by the cat would be crawling, crawling with a tail so loooooonnnngggg,​

What a poor sight to see, when people would stop again, Blinky was still in the same spot,​

Oh, poor dear, what is wrong with this cat? Why, he must be the world’s slowest cat.​

If people would just carefully observe they would see, Blinky had a rock lying atop his shaggy tail,​

So stretched was his tail from trying to escape, he was losing fur, ouch

All he wanted was some help to lift the rock, but the joggers’ eyes were glued to their phones, literally, only able to see the world through a small slit,

What a world we live in to not help such a creature. If only our eyes were not attached to our phones, perhaps a crowbar would help.​

Finally, he was free when a gale force wind blew the rock away, and poor Blinky with it as well. Blink and he was gone.​

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