Revel in your Future Self

By: Brittany Gonzales

My perspective on the world has changed​

Two broken hearts and my soul always aches for the world’s woes, ​

Alas, things do not keep me down for long​

I head towards the road of healing,​

Crying out in pain and looking forward to bliss​

I go to the darkest parts of my memory and self,​

With these actions my healing process begins​

For facing your demons is courageous,​

Coming to terms with your past, helps your future come forth​

Revel in your strength. Revel in the badass that you are. Revel in the queen or king you will become.​

How Anxiety Works

By: Brittany Gonzales

One minute I am at bliss. The next I am on the edge of a ledge ready to tumble over.​

Then the next day I want to raise my glass to my awesome life. There are no in-betweens.​

My anxiety is the ugly sore on my shoulder that never goes away.​

Yet I am not giving up. I will always keep going as my future does not wait.​

Hope lives and rises eternally.

The images used in this post are not my own. The images are from Bing Images.

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