Mental Health Issues in a Cruel America 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional. My words come from experience and observing the world around me. I live in the United States, and these are my opinions. 

For so long our country (the United States), has done more harm to people suffering with mental health than good. The cold, cruel embrace of a false caring hug grips people in need. At night, when all is calm and quiet, I can hear the whispers of those lost souls. Their cries keep me up at night as I deal with my own suffering. To shoulder that much pain daily can be too much to handle. However, if our country does not care about us, then I will.  

Why is our country so callous? Americans are taught to be independent. We are taught to move out when we are eighteen. Go to college and get a career. Be happy and get married. Start a family. When people ask, “how are you, today?” You learn to say, “I am good.” Deep down you know that you are not. You know that if you told the truth, that person would look at you weirdly.  

Where are the classes to teach us about our emotions? Where are the classes to teach us compassion, empathy, and love? Sure, you can learn those things at home, but not everyone can. If you are like me that was raised in an abusive home, you felt that cold, cruel embrace far too much.  

From my experiences in cities people are cold and calculated. They will literally push you out of the way to get to their destination. They will ignore you when you try to talk. That is the world we live in. And people think a person can just change their mindset.  

You never tell a person suffering from mental health issues to change their mindset. Like changing their mindset is the magical answer. If it was, I would have been cured years ago. However, a person can work on themselves daily and seek a sound support system. Currently, I am doing just that and valuing myself.  

People should never devalue someone’s mental health issues by being dismissive. Further, a person should never say, “no sob stories.” Some people need to let out their pain, because we were taught to hide it. It is wrong to keep your emotions in that will come bursting out later. If a person keeps it in for too long, it can have negative effects. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Bad things do happen to people and there are “sob stories.”  

Furthermore, America would rather leave people homeless on the streets, than give them the help they need. Though some cities try to help the homeless! Some people do not always want help.  

Lastly, I am tired of people dismissing my suffering. I am tired of people trying to live in a fantasy world. The world can be both beautiful and ugly. We need to embrace each other with warmth and not coldness. We need to depend upon one another for support. Only then can a lot of people’s anguish heal.  

I will leave you with this poem. I do not want my whole post to be melancholy. 

Still is the Night 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

The quiet pulse of the night reverberated through the trees, 

As the wind sang its peaceful tune to all, 

Singing of a glorious world while others sleep, such tenderness fills my body 

Then the scent of the Puget Sound air fills my nostrils as I know the power, 

The power of the calm still night, 

The night recharges my senses anew, 

Aww….the sweet bliss of purity, 

I close my eyes and feel the vibrations and calmness of the dark, 

I am at peace and let out a deep breath. 

Feeling the touch of night’s hands lulls me to sleep. I rest.  

I can finally say, “good night world. Rest your head upon a weary pillow.” 

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