Dear Brittany: How do I mend my broken heart? 

By: Brittany Gonzales

Dear Brittany: I recently got out of an eight-year relationship. After giving this man eight precious years of my life he cheats on me. I was the bread winner of the relationship and have a successful event planning business. He had a job off and on. He would always say, “don’t worry, the job was not right for me anyhow.” The whole time he was “looking” for various jobs he was cheating.  

I feel so betrayed! I gave my life to this man and was devoted. I was never suspicious because he seemed devoted to me and acted like he loved me. I fear my busy schedule affected our relationship and caused him to be under someone else’s sheets. I am not sure I can recover from this and I can hardly get out of bed. I need help. 

How do I mend my broken heart? 

-Bitter Ex from the Plains 

Dear Bitter Ex: It takes one step at a time when it pertains to a broken heart. Trust me I have had my heart broken, but not from a cheater. I sort of know what you are going through. As each day passes it will get easier. Surround yourself with the support of friends and family. Remember you are not alone in your battle to get better!  

Further, something that helped me was continuing to do the things I love. My passion for writing poetry aided me in mending my broken heart. So many soaked pages from my tears and bitter words tore through the paper. Find that one thing that can get you through; it could be your event planning business. Thank you for sharing and I hope it gets better. 

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