What’s Behind the Shower Curtain? 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

My adrenaline starts pumping, and sweat forms at my temple. I am afraid to see what could be behind the shower curtain. Images of a time when my sister scared me pop into my mind.  

How could my sister be so cruel? Such terror paralyzed my body that day; my screams shook the whole room.  

Were those blood-curdling sounds coming from me? It must’ve been as my throat was sore later. Aww, you have to love memories.  

Anyhow, back to the story. Sometimes when I use the restroom, I must see what is behind that ominous curtain. However, nothing is ever behind it. Except for that one time a giant spider was chilling in the bathtub. His hairy legs stood still as he looked up at me with his eight eyes. What was he thinking when he saw me?  

It is primarily void of scary creatures and ghosts that pop out at you.  

Living a Life in Constant Fear is no Life to Live  

I would be stuck there if I lived my life constantly in fear of what is behind the shower curtain.  If you live in constant fear of the unknown, you will forget to live.

The invisible demons would win, and I would never be free.  I like my freedom.

Living in constant fear of the “What ifs” will make you an old person before your time.  You will forget to step back and take in your beautiful life and the world.

Sure, that giant spider can be something to cower away from, but what if that little creature just wanted to say, “Hi?”  

If life is led in fear, you can miss things around you.  Like the innocent spider trying to make a friend.

Such as the time when I was in my own world taking a shower. Then out of the deep, my sister with ominous intent in her steps scared me. My niece was another culprit in the plot to make me slip in the shower; how cruel! If only I had stood still and listened, I could’ve heard the little feet of my niece, and then my sister clamoring. 

If there is anything to learn from this very odd story, it is this: Stop. Breath. Take those precious moments in. Never give up. Do not shelter away in yourself. 

I live my life without that unnecessary fear. Sometimes I have my fists at the ready to punch anything bad behind that shower curtain. Be prepared and keep going. 

(You can also reach out to me if you need to talk)

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