From one Introvert to the Next 

Aww, yes, the warmth of being under my sheets as the world around me lives on. I could hide under my sheets all day, but am I truly living? Am I genuinely living by staying at home all the time?   

While it’s nice staying in the comfort of one’s home, you cannot hide all the time. Living a life of total seclusion is not healthy. Take it from this introvert who used to live a secluded life. I was unhappy and wondered why my mental state was not improving.   

People need human interaction every once in a while. Do you wonder why you keep having those negative feelings? Do you spend most of your time at home and in your room? I understand that the world can be dangerous, but you cannot live a life in total seclusion without human interaction. Good, healthy interactions with other people help, which is not bad. I am shy, and in the past, I was nervous to the point I could not function. However, I realized how unhealthy my lifestyle was and decided to change.   

Anxiety and Triggers  

An essential step in combating depression and anxiety is recognizing you need to change. While some people may find change scary, it is important to understand what is not working. Next, finding those triggers that keep your anxiety going will help stop them before they start. For example, one thing that triggers my anxiety is a lot of people talking at once. I have sensitive ears, and trying to follow a conversation with too many people talking creates confusion. Once I understand my triggers, I can stop myself from losing control and staying calm.   

Anxiety can get better if you let it.   

From one introvert to the next, please do not hide your whole life away. Go out and have those experiences and LIVE. Life will not be handed to you, especially if you hide away. Once I started living for myself, I was free of the shackles of my depression and anxiety. Though I will never completely rid myself of these mental illnesses, I can still try to combat them as they come forward. I am not afraid to live the life I design! I am conquering all my dreams and hopes one step at a time. This blog is one of those dreams.   

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  1. Victoria De La Rosa Avatar
    Victoria De La Rosa

    From one introvert to the next.This is true what you’ve written.Thank you !

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