Soaring to a better you!

By: Brittany Gonzales

Deciding to hold yourself accountable for your actions is admirable. People may have caused your pain and suffering, but you design your life. I strive not to let my depression and anxiety keep me down. Instead, I soar to my better self!   

I have learned that life is not going to be handed to me. Further, there is not a person that will give you a life map. It is time to wake up and design your future!  

How to soar to a better you!  

I will give some insights that I have learned along my journey. Before I opened my eyes and started to live, I was on the edge of living. I pretended to be happy on those edges and wore this mask for several years. Inside my soul was dying, and I was suffocating.   

Then one day, I decided that living my life ruled by depression and anxiety was not productive.  

I knew I could never entirely rid myself of depression and anxiety, but I could control them. Wow, you manage your life and emotions???? Who knew!???!   

Once I handled my emotions, I started doing the things I love. Since my blue feelings constantly crowded me, it stopped me from living my dreams. Now, I write more than ever before! Writing is my passion, and I love writing inspirational posts like this one.   

I rule the roost in my world! I love taking nature walks and hikes through the mountains. I live in Washington state, and it has so much beauty! I love being surrounded by the trees and mountains in the forest. The forest and mountains are my happy place. I believe surrounding yourself with beauty helps soothe the soul. If you live in the city and can drive somewhere, take a nature trip!  

Creating a better future comes from within. Once you take control of your mental health, life becomes yours! Moreover, I do not surround myself with negative people and have removed them from my life. Life is too short to be surrounded by negative and petty people. However, sometimes I feel like they are crying out for help. I try to help people with depression and anxiety, but I can only try my best. Remember, not every person wants help.   

Soaring to a better you will help you with what plaques you. Like a kite, you will take a step at a time. If you try to move quicker, you are liable to fail. Slow, steady steps to a brighter future are essential. Always reflecting at the end of the day helps too.   

For example, you can write about your day in a journal or think about it. What was good about your day? What made you smile? What was not good about your day? Taking in all the good and destructive emotions is healthy. Furthermore, not letting those bad emotions consume you will work better in the long run. 

Excel. Soar. Reflect. Smile. Control. Clarity. Improve. Prevail. Worthy. 

Soaring to a better you is near!  

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