The Power of Poetry

Strands of my Red Hair 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

Strands of my red hair fall daily,  

In a blink I lose a piece of myself—— 

Where do all of these pieces reside? 

Are they on my chocolate-colored couch, sunk in between the cushions? 

Will they appear in the unlikeliest of places, the need to collect my pieces back, 

Next, these fine hairs can be found in the bath drain, 

Causing a clog to the annoyance of others, wishing they would help me collect. 

Further loss found in every nook and cranny, 

Behold! A spiderweb with golden hues intertwined, are those my red strands? 

No matter the web I weave with these golden strands, they will not come together,  

The journey for the hairs is long, fraught with harsh times, but I muster forth—— 

As I contemplate where all my pieces live, I know I will forever live on in some way. 

Life is a chaotic, but beautiful journey. 

I can close my eyes and rest knowing my memory remains. Peace comes to those who do not worry about collecting all of those broken piece. Peace comes to those strong individuals with their eyes wide open. 

What am I? 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

I travel from one place to the next, 

I pass by tress, boulders, rivers, mountains, lakes, and more, 

My body is light and the brisk, cool air allows me to see grand places, 

Until one day, the rain anchors me to the ground, 

Where I have settled between a clay rock by an angry river, at last— 

My life is close to an end—- 

What a beautiful life I led. 

What am I? 

A Delightful Orange 

By: Brittany Gonzales 

Aww, what a delight it is to bite into an orange,  

The juices flow so eloquently into my awaiting, eager mouth 

The wetness falls onto my crisp, white shirt—staining it 

The sweet tart flavor entices my taste buds as my life is rejuvenated. 

As my mouth greedily devours the orange,  

I am sad when there are not any bites left. In haste, I forgot to savor the delicacy slowly.  

(In life savor those perfect moments and do not haste/rush things) 

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