Low Effort Yields Low Results & Why 

I have learned a lot in my 29 years of living. While that does not make me a “seasoned” pro, I have great insights. I have always had wisdom in me that I love to share! At times I do feel like an old soul.  

While I have only been on this beautiful earth for a short time, I have observed and learned a great deal. Please note I do not have a therapist license, and my posts are strictly my thoughts. If I find articles that align with my posts, I will give credit to those. However, most of my posts are my original thoughts and life experiences.  

How Low Efforts Yield Low Results  

Now, I want to talk about how low effort yields low results. A valuable lesson is that you will yield low or no results if you put minimal effort into life. For example, if you do not water your plants or only water them once in a while, they will wilt. The same goes for your life. Low effort will yield low results because you are stagnant. Take time to reflect and act upon building a better life for yourself. 

Further, if life seems too hard at the moment, and you choose to be a low-effort person, then it will stay that way. You can think about putting more effort into your day-to-day life, but thinking about doing something goes nowhere. It is the actions you take that will get you places.  

I understand life throws people obstacles, but for me, I am ready with my baseball bat to hit those curveballs. I am not perfect; sometimes, I am not being my best self, but I reflect and try to work out my issues. Recently, it was brought to my attention that I can be unintentionally mean towards those I love. This notion has given me time to reflect and work on myself. A significant key to life is self-reflection and building yourself to be and do better.   

Optimism is Beautiful!  

Optimism uses less energy! Feel the breeze in your hair and let go of burdens clouding your life!

Once you have established a strong mindset, act upon your thoughts for change. You will start to see results.  

When I was heading to a dark place, I decided the dark was not worth my time a few years back. I wanted to live a life according to my goals and where ease towards happiness could exist. Some people do not realize that it takes more energy to be pessimistic than it does to be optimistic.  

My experiences of having an optimistic outlook have made me feel lighter.   

With an optimistic outlook, I can focus on my goals and life with clearer thoughts even in the hard times. Having a clear mind and a focused one brings clarity to my life. I can take things in stride and do those at my own pace. I suffer from depression and anxiety, but that does not mean I am unhappy. I know how to deal with those illnesses and what works for me. Focus on what works for you, meet your goals and aspirations, and live your life!  

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Brittany Gonzales 

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Please do not hesitate to reach out for help, when you are having suicidal thughts.

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