Self-care has Many Faces 

Why is self-care important? Self-care is something that you do for yourself because it is needed. Further, you cannot expect to be happy and take care of others if you first cannot take care of yourself. I always try to suggest to people that taking care of yourself first is not selfish. Once you get that idea out of your head, you can adequately care for others. 

There are several activities you can do that help with self-care. These are simple things that can help more than you think! For example, you can hide in the car with your favorite snack (cheese sticks) before heading inside! I like to hang out in my car for five to ten minutes before entering my apartment. It gives me time to reset from the work day before going in to do my house duties.

Bubble baths! 

Who does not love a nice, relaxing bubble bath? Bubble baths are a great way to give yourself the much-needed care you need in life. If you are not a bubble bath person, then other ideas can help. 

Please remember that regular bubble baths are not a good idea because they can lead to yeast infections, UTIs, etc. A shower is more sanitary, but taking a bubble bath is relaxing! When I take bubble baths, it releases happy endorphins and my worries of the day melt away. Giving yourself a relaxing moment where you do not think about the stresses of the day or your life is essential. 

You do not want to be a ball of stressful energy all the time because this is not healthy. However, a certain amount of stress can be good. Read my post, “How can Stress and Human Connection be Helpful?” That post will help you understand stress better. 

Crafting or Productive Activities 

Next, another self-care activity is crafting or any productive activity! Productive activity is one where you get things done that bring value to your life. How can crafting bring value to your life? 

Crafting brings value to your life because if you find one you like to do, it is another thing you can do to help combat depression and anxiety. 

For example, you can crochet hats, socks, mittens, etc. As a form of self-care. Something that I like to do is do stencil paintings because it is fun and relaxing. I am far from an artist, so I buy stencils and use those to paint pictures. 

What are some crafty activities that you like to do? Did you know you are participating in self-care? Self-care is just another way to love yourself! 


Journaling is a great self-care activity if you are like me and are consumed by thoughts frequently. Not only can you jot down your ideas, but you can release all of those thousands of thoughts circling in your brain! Journaling helps me. 

Even if your day was minor, you could journal about it. My sister does bullet journaling, where she can connect the dots and do fun doodles. Also, you can get fun stickers, washi tape, and other scrapbook items and use them in a journal. 

I currently do not have a bullet journal, but I want to start doing this! Any form of self-care is needed to help with depression and anxiety. Also, not just for those illnesses, but just because it is needed. 

Asking for help 

Further another way of self-care is asking for help. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, you are not a bad person or weak if you seek help. This help can be through a psychiatrist, friend, church, or any other type of group that helps people. 

There are resources out that help people with depression and anxiety. Such as coping, advocacy, and support groups. Look on a search engine for your local or close-by groups. Being surrounded by people going through the same thing can help. You may even make a friend or two! 

Asking for help shows that you are a strong person and not weak. You are doing what is best for your mental health; how is that bad? 

Spending Time Alone 

Lastly, spending time alone can be beneficial to your mental health. People are social creatures, but there is a such thing as too much socialization. A person needs alone time occasionally to “reset” and relax. In your alone time, you can do productive activities you have been putting off! Such as the vast laundry pile hiding in that one chair in the corner! 

Having alone time gives you time to think. Ruminating on your thoughts can be a valuable time to reflect on your life and goals. What goals do you have for your life? 

 I like having my alone time because I reflect on my life and writing goals. Hopefully, one day I will be a successful author, for example. Next, you may be less productive if you get easily distracted by the company of others like I do. Also, remember to socialize as well. You just need a good balance of socialization and alone time.

How do you like to spend your alone time? 

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