The Small Moments Bring the Most Peace 

The Delicious Seabass, A Mouthwatering Fish of My Dreams  

The seabass is a yummy delight that awakens my taste buds. Once that yummy delight reaches my tongue, my mouth waters as the fish excites all my senses. If cooked properly, the smell of freshly baked seabass is like heaven. Heaven because I know that my world will fill with culinary exquisiteness for just a moment.  

The seabass can be hard to find in stores, and it is an elusive little bugger. When I do find it, it makes me feel as if I won the jackpot. When paired with the right ingredients and sides, this fish is an excellent treat in this sometimes-dark world.   

You see, it is not just the taste that I love; it is the excitement of a treat that I can only receive occasionally. In life, there will be hardships that you will endure, but then there are those occasional treats that will make those hardships seem distant. No matter how hard life pushes you, seeking out the delights that can come with living is always lovely. Life is not always guaranteed, and I prefer living a positive life surrounded by things that make me happy. I know that sometimes it can be hard to see the brighter side when surrounded by many negativities. In that cloud of negativity, look for what makes you the happiest. For me, that delicious and elusive seabass is a rare treat in my world. The small things power most of my positivity and vitality for life. 

Writing is My Release in a Mundane World  

My writing can take me to several different places. My main focus is on poetry, but I do like to write short stories and am currently writing blog posts. I hope to help others suffering from depression and anxiety. Further, if I could be just one person’s inspiration to seek help or save them, it would make me very happy.  

The worlds I get to conjure up from the deep recesses of my mind bring me comfort. One day I can imagine a fair maiden with cascading red hair in a golden tower. She could be singing to the wind as it floats down to the village below her. The tune could catch the attention of a handsome prince. Then he rescues her from her golden tower, and all is well.   

Or I could travel to a distant world, alien to the people of Earth but known to those in it. The world could be a yellow-filled gas planet that hardly gets any sun. The people could toil all day in the egg, white cold wind and still find happiness. This planet may not be part of our universe but rather the polyverse, and it could take centuries to get there. What do you think troubles them in their day-to-day lives?  

My brain is filled with many possibilities that can breathe life into new stories. I like how I can travel to several different places without really traveling. My brain is an entity of endless possibilities, and I love that. Just like life is filled with endless options, you must reach out and pluck that delicious crisp apple of life.  

Find those things that give you motivation and purpose. Without a purpose, you will constantly walk around depressed and anxious.   

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