The Animal Funny Pages-Part 2

Tessa the Flamingo and Freddie the Ferret, the Zooscapade 

Tessa, the flamingo, with a mouth full of shrimp, spies Freddie the ferret scampering about, 

What could that scoundrel be up to? Twice this month, the dirty ferret tried to steal her precious shrimp! The audacity! Tessa never met an animal so annoying as he! 

Freddie, paying no heed to the flamingo’s squawks, goes under the zoo’s tunnel he burrowed last month, the scent of the little pink bugs so enticing! 

Finding one lone shrimp trying to escape from Tessa’s mouth, Freddie leaps underneath, 

Landing on his back, he catches the shrimp in his mouth-delicious

Beak at the ready, Tessa pulls her neck back, her beak like a hammer ready to pound, 

The ferret nearly escapes the pounding, but part of his tail is mashed in the event. 

Stuck underneath the hammering beak, Freddie kicks to freedom, 

All of Tessa’s shrimp fall out and land right by the pesky ferret, a piercing gaze between the two begins, Freddie ready to receive the meal and Tessa ready to continue weaponizing her beak, 

The shrimp instead, do a delightful little jig with small little canes twirling and top hats on their antennas, FREE AT LAST! Though being eaten would have killed them, the flamingo’s breath was the true killer, 

Dancing away from what could be a crime scene, the shrimps lived to see another day, 

While Tessa went hungry that night, Freddie scampered to find a delightful meal elsewhere- poor penguins and their sardines. 

Chiquita the Cheetah and Sully the Warthog, a Tale of Mud and Paddies

On the savannas of South Africa, Chiquita the cheetah can be spotted on the hunt for her next meal, always failing miserably to bite her prey, below is one funny tale of her most recent escapade, 

Chiquita, the cheetah on the hunt along the savanna, stomach gurgling, spots a portly warthog wallowing in the mud, hopefully she gains success, as her ribs are poking through her fur, 

Sully, the warthog is seen rolling around in the mud, his tail swishing and swashing the mud all over his portly body, aww….so cooling, 

Chiquita crawling carefully to the meal, eyes locked on the warthog, she wonders how tasty he must be, 

All of a sudden, she imagines the mud turning into gravy, aww, a nice flavor covering the warthog, she can hardly contain her excitement, 

Right about to pounce on Sully, a herd of elephants run towards her, stomping and pounding, the earth shaking from their weight, 

Sully looks up and sees Chiquita, he jumps in the air, does a double backflip and lands perfectly on an elephant’s back, 

The cheetah, left in the wind, her stomach sunken in from such hunger, faints from the pain, landing in the mud face first, but it also contains elephant paddies (stinky brown turds)!  

Poor Chiquita, a bath is in her future, and she may need to consider becoming a vegetarian.  

Funny tales to bring a smile to your face! Though silly, it does not hurt to have a little childish humor in your life!

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