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The Wily Cat of Way Street 

Curly, the wily cat of Way Street, with a tattered, bandaged tail, treaded carefully to the house next door, claws at the ready for a feast waiting for him at the barn, such delicacies, easy pickings for the wily cat, 

His piercing yellow eyes looking this way and that, on guard for any stoppers of his mission, to onlookers, he looked like a prissy, prancing cat with the airs of snobbery, with a patch on his right eye, 

He pranced excitedly to the big, white barn, with danger in the back of his mind, he found the plump, black rabbits napping without fear in their hearts, 

Poor pitiful creatures, ole’ wily cat thought, frankly these creatures were begging to be feasted upon, how stupid of them to let the world see their fine, mouthwatering, fat figures-paws ascended to the skies and claws sharp as a knife, his stomach aching to be fed, 

He lasered in his target, the fattest, plumpest, most delectable of all the rabbits,  

Wowzah, the rabbit had to have been 11 pounds! His stomach nearly fell to the ground in anticipation for the meal. 

 With his brown and glistening fur, he stuck his paw into the rabbit enclosure, wanting to feel the rabbit’s hanging fat pouches, testing its worthiness to be his chewy friend-Bang, 

Like the speed of a rocket ship, the brown tabby runs to the woods, his patch matted in fur- lays on the hay in the white barn, the shot-gun in the hands of the rabbit’s owner, 

What a sight to behold that day, the next-door neighbor proclaimed! ‘Ole Curly would not be up to no good any time soon!  

The poor, prancing, prissy, brown kitty was never seen again. Rumor has it, if you lay out the perfect trap, a meal so easy to win, he will appear once again.  

Llama Versus Goat: A Spitting and Chewing Match Ensues 

Murphy, the billy goat, loved chewing everything in his path, leaving nothing uneaten, 

Quick! A llama enclosure with the most beautiful trash, waiting to be thieved, 

Flies descending, maggots a layin’ and birds a fallin’ from the horrible smell, 

Plodding along the farm’s field with orange sandals on his hooves, Murphy’s tail is a waggin’,  

Suddenly, halting in front of the enclosure, the smell so enticing, slobber falls down his beard,  

He spots a pretty llama ahead, lustrous red fur shining in the sun, Ginger winks at Murphy,  

The billy goat jumps over the fence, mouth agape, lands perfectly next to the trash, 

Ginger angered by his bravery, starts spitting towards him, a single, wet drop falling on Murphy’s face, not proving to stop his actions, 

The red llama continues to spit and Murphy begins to chew the trash, a battle match ensues! 

The little spit torpedoes shot with such grandeur, Murphy just keeps eating the yummies, 

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with no end to such a display of determination! 

With each passing day, the farmer could see they would not give up, the trash was so high, the goat could take his fill until the end of time! 

How did the llama have so much spit? And the goat surely had an iron clad stomach! 

And so, the farmer decided to pack up and leave, the battle amongst those animals never ceasing, People can still walk by and see spit and trash flying, Murphy bleating and Ginger with blood shot eyes producing much spit! 

(Photos Courtesy of Google, not my own images)

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