Silk Roses and Memories-Poem 

Words carefully scripted on thin, transparent paper, a purple marker was used, imprinted on a coffee table, 

 Peering at the purple stain, small delicate statements bleeding through, no clear meaning,  

Love, laughter, silk and roses,”  

Dandelion wishes, coins thrown in the mossy well, and wishes torn in two,” 

These are the words stained on the mahogany coffee table,  

If I piece together the words eloquently, like a quilt, I can imagine the poet’s thoughts, 

“He gave his love silk roses, forever gifting her admiration and passion, 

A life time they shared of love, laughter, silk and roses,  

Now he is frail and his hands are cold, she breathes in his musky scent, the fragrance slowly fading, 

She remembers a time when they were young and adventurous, eyes locked in lustful gazes, hearts pounding, 

Plenty of mountains trekked and oceans beached upon, little feet happily playing in their warm home, 

A lot of life trekked along their journey together, if only time could stand still and she could live in the memories, 

A beautiful time spent in the bliss of tender devotion and joy, not wanting to let go, pulse quickening she nearly chokes, 

Such memories are in the past and now she will not leave his side as his hands become colder, 

Tears form down her pale face as she waits for him to transcend into the clouds, 

She feels his body tense, and she wishes she could blow upon a dandelion for more time, 

Or throw a gold coin into their mossy well, but alas her wishes are torn in two, 

For her Peter has moved on without her to the next life, his eyes locked forever on hers, she closes them, 

She has always been by his side, for fifty-five years, now she must learn to be alone, an arduous path to follow, 

Until she is ready to join him in the afterlife, she will hold on to all the silk roses he gave over the years.” 

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  1. Victoria De La Rosa Avatar
    Victoria De La Rosa

    Loved this very much.Thank you! Beautifully written

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