Why People are Meant to be Social  

A person may find it easier to be anti-social, but this is unhealthy. People need social connections and interactions in life. No matter what a person might think, being social is key to a healthy lifestyle. I am not saying you must go out all the time and become the next Chatty Kathy. However, if you sit at home and dwell in your self-pity and company, you will go deeper into depression and anxiety. There is hope yet on the horizon!  

Some moments will make you uncomfortable in life, but you cannot always avoid them. If you avoided everything that made you uncomfortable, what a dull life you would lead. Now, I want to give you some advice that can help you become less anti-social. Please remember that I am not a professional on these matters; I am just a person who wants to help.   

Advice on How to be Less Anti-Social  

If you need to take baby steps in becoming social, that is fine because you should never push yourself beyond your means. However, please do not continue to hide behind your anti-social tendencies. Unfortunately, it is not healthy to live an inactive lifestyle because sometimes I prefer to stay to myself.   

First, take one day at a time and slowly go to places you like. For example, I like museums, bookstores, coffee shops, bars (if you are not opposed to alcohol and are old enough), church, etc. You can start a conversation in several different places, but those are some examples. Even if all you do is say, “Hello,” you took that first step!   

Next, keeping a good relationship with your family is essential if they also feel the same way. I know that not everyone has a good relationship with their family, but if it is something minor, they should be the crutch you lean on. Family is one of the essential things in life, and if you need emotional support, they are the people to go to (other than a therapist). By using the help of your family, you can get out of your anti-social shell and start talking to potential new friends.   

So, what you should do is go out and find enjoyable activities. Talk to an approachable stranger and strike up a conversation. Even if you get rejected, some people are friendly. However, please exercise caution and make sure that person is not wrong. Further, keep socializing and having that emotional support from your family.  

It took me years to break free of my shell and become social. I was constantly depressed and anxious because I was too afraid to talk. I hope you can heal and go out because it saved my life. No wonder I was depressed and anxious! If you remain in your own company, it is no surprise you cannot properly heal. Please do not take this as a cruel message, but it is something needed. People need emotional and social support because we are social creatures.  

Live Positively. Socialize. Smile. Be Happy.   

Life will pass you by if you let it. Controlling your life is easier than you think if you have depression and anxiety. Anxiety can be handled if you change your mindset. Find those things that trigger your anxiety, and do not let them make you anxious. With depression, you can live a healthier lifestyle by doing more active things, socializing, having a positive mindset, and letting yourself be happy.  

If you have suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, (U.S.) 1800.273.8255, or dial 9-1-1. Also, you can message me privately on this website if you need to talk. 

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    Victoria De La Rosa

    Great read ! Thier are many who could use tbis advice as well as myself at times.Thank tou ! Keep writing you are a light needed in this World.

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