What Are the Symptoms of Your Mental Illness?  

(Depression & Anxiety)  

My lifelong struggle has always been depression and anxiety. I have felt its’ crippling effects for so many years (since I was a young child) that it is something I live with daily. However, that does not mean that I cannot live a whole, productive life because there are times, I can stay on top of my mood changes.  

(A unicorn shines through the dark forest, bringing light back to the dismal landscape)

Symptoms of Depression  

I found a good website for looking up symptoms and resources for depression and anxiety. The website is called, Anxiety and Depression Association of America; I like how they are a credible source and fact-check their articles before posting. It is essential always to make sure what you are reading, or researching is credible; reading a credible source helps you know you are getting accurate information.   

The article by Anxiety and Depression Association of America titled “Symptoms,” explains the symptoms of depression. A person with depression feels an emptiness inside, a sadness that can affect a person’s mood (ADAA, 2022). Further, the article states depression can cause a pessimistic outlook and hopelessness, feeling unworthy, losing interest in hobbies/activities, low energy, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, inability to sleep, weight loss or increase, and even thoughts of death and suicide.   

Are these the symptoms you are having? You could be battling depression, and there are many forms. Please consult a professional for help in managing depression and anxiety. These illnesses can be crippling, and asking for help makes you stronger than you think.   

The ADAA website also has more information on different depression and anxiety disorders. Also, there are links to finding help and if you are having suicidal thoughts. It lists mental health events too! I like the website because it helps end the stigma surrounding mental health disorders.  

My Life with Depression/Anxiety  

All the symptoms that I listed on the ADAA website are ones that I have had. Some days are better than others, but depression comes full force and stops me from being active. My depression and anxiety are a constant battle, but I always have hope. I know that my depression will always be there, but I do not let it stop me from living a productive and happy life.   

You are probably wondering how I can be happy and depressed simultaneously. Well, depression is something I live with, and I choose not to let it dash my joy; my disorder does not define me. Believe it or not, your life is your design; you make it how you envision it!   

Here are some quick little words of encouragement:  

The B Word (My Inspirational Words)   

I like to think of my “The B Word,” quotes and sentences as shots of encouraging energy to get you through the day.  

  • Life passes you by if you let it. Breathe. Soak in those memories. Most importantly, LIVE.  
  • I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am perfectly me. I will conquer, and I will have the life I deserve.   
  • There is beauty everywhere, and if you get past the wall that cripples you, the sky is the limit.  

Remember that life comes with challenges, but if you can meet those challenges and succeed, you can make depression and anxiety less powerful.  

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ADAA. (2022). Symptoms. Anxiety and Depression Association of America. https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/depression/symtpoms 

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