Beautiful Poetry

Below are poems I wrote over the course of a few years. My writing has gotten better because I keep practicing and striving to succeed. In life it takes practice and determination to get where you want. You cannot expect things to happen if you do not work at it. Keep striving for success! Remember complacency is a dead-end street!

The Mighty Eraser

The eraser is mightier than the sword, it can bring down a horde. 

One fell swipe; rubbed from existence, What quite an abhorrence. 

The eraser is not God, it does put a great façade. 

Alas, do not overstep its’ boundaries, you would be in for a discovery. 

Erasing these words from your head, before the poison spreads. 


My heart did aflutter, 

As my fork picked up the butter. 

The walls did constrict, 

As the doctor did predict. 

The waves did not slack, 

As the flow gave me a heart attack. 

Chanterelle and Fellowship 

The hunt for the wondrous chanterelle, seeps along the mountain slope,  

Walking, finding, hoping, alas a bombshell! Boom, we have found hope! 

The chanterelle mushroom has been revealed on that cold, dreary day, illuminating the moss with its egg-yellow skin, 

Excitement is heard throughout the hunt with this great array, for it is not only the find but also the bond felt within, 

All the hunters feeling closer than ever before, gratitude, resilience, happiness, and hope a common thought, 

For the good of the one is the good of the many and more, a strong bond for the pursuit and fellowship is taught, 

The love of the mushroom and of others bursts through the green covered forest, an ingredient for the find is revealed along the slope, 

Love a commonality found, making this feeling the dearest, this union of mushroom and fellowship brings back hope. 

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