Are you Living a Directionless Life?  

People need a sense of purpose in life, that is to have a direction for which to align on their life map. A life map is the path that you are wanting to lead and prosper in; without a defined path a person becomes directionless.  

I have experience with not having a defined path in life because for so long I only thought of the future, instead of investing in the future. Not having a clear direction in life can lead to depression and anxiety. You are more than likely to have depression and anxiety or keep having it, if you do not think about the future or just live life through the motions and rollercoasters. What are your dreams and passions? What do you want out of life?  

If a person has no direction, how can they know where to go? 

I would like to say that I am not a professional or a therapist, I just have a lot of wisdom to share. My words are my own and if they are not, I give credit where it is due. The images in my post come from Google because I am not a Graphic Designer, but it would be cool to learn! 

Invest in Your Future 

Now, onto the topic of investing in your future! What exactly does investing in your future entail? Well, that is up to you because everyone is different and I cannot tell you how to live your life. However, I can give you some ideas that may help you formulate a plan for that beautiful life map of yours! 

I love thinking of things in terms of symbols or metaphors because that is the English major coming out in me.  

Step 1 to Investing in Your Future (Suggestions): 

Think to yourself, “what do I want out of life?” Ponder this question for a moment as you come up with the correct answer for yourself. Write down the answer to this question and this is a great stepping stone to investing in your future! Just thinking about the future and taking action to change your current outcome, can make a difference in combating depression and anxiety. 

My answer to “what do I want out of life?” would be to live a life that makes me happy. A life that makes me happy is to be surrounded by positive people and doing all those fun activities that bring color to my life (like this wonderful blog). I also want a career in teaching and writing (become an accomplished/published author), this will help me answer that question. 

Step 2: 

Now that you have realized what you want and your dreams/passions have come to light, you need to do the work of making it happen. This step can be difficult because it takes effort and patience, but you have to invest in yourself. By not investing in yourself, you can become stagnant which can lead to negative thinking and actions. There are reactions to every action you take, that is why having such a negative mindset is bad for depression and anxiety.  

Please remember that things are not going to magically happen if you do not put forth the effort. You cannot expect life to be handed to you! This may seem harsh, but it is the truth, and it takes time to be where you need to be. Have faith in your abilities to live a prosperous life and be happy. Now, a prosperous life does not always mean money; I am poor but live a prosperous life because I am forging my own path and I am happy.  

Step 3: 

Do not let the hard work psych you out because it is attainable! No one is perfect and will at times make mistakes. Mistakes are learning tools that you can use to help forge your path. I have thrown my lazy mindset in the trash because it only led me to dive deeper into my depression and anxiety. 

One step at a time! I always tell people this because it is good advice. Trying to do everything at once just adds to the work of trying to invest in yourself.  

I hope my words have helped you realize the actions need to become your best self!  

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If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Hotline (U.S.) 1800.273.8255 or dial 9-1-1. Also, you can message me privately on this website if you need to talk.  

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