Life Lessons Bring Power 

Life Water and Life Lessons 

Ahh, the first sip of icy cold Life water is unlike anything comparable. Unless of course you by Fiji water, which is another story. Sipping on Lie water helps lubricate all those old, stiff muscles and bones that creak with age. Getting older is a delicate subject in some circles, but with age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the power to pass down all you know to the younger generations. Life water is like taking a sip of actual life because it is that lovely cooling and calming moment that makes your day. 

Life water awakens all of those pains and aches that come as gravity wears down on you as time passes. This water is a commodity that needs no explanation because water is life. Though with the name brand Life water it is better than that nasty tap water the city tries to give us. It is that fine quality water on water lovers can appreciate, at least this is my experience. For a buy of $2.59 you can purchase life. What a thought! Who knew such a delicious drink could stir all of these feelings and actions? Life water makes my world a better place and I am glad to sip on such a delicacy.  

The lesson to learn from these writings is to never be afraid to age. Age is a good thing; it was life that was lived fully. With age you get to learn so many different things as time passes and with knowledge comes power. Keeping sipping on that Life water and never close your mind. An open, knowledgeable min is powerful in our world today. Like sipping on yummy tasting water, you will also “sip” the many beautiful things life brings you. Always fill your cup and never let it run empty.  

My Plant Babies, Life According to Me 

There is something about plants that me happy. When I go into a grocery store my eyes seek green foliage to admire and once found I feel at peace. Plants are more than just an ornament for my home; plants are something I can care for and nurture. 

 It is almost like my maternal instincts kick in as I speak encouraging words to my plants. “Aww, Miller you are looking good today. I hope you are happy and if you need anything let me know.”  

Miller is a plant I bought that looks like a miniature tree. His plant species was not on the pot and he remains a mystery! Yet, I intend to keep Miller warm and sage in his new home, as he likes temperatures of 65-75 degrees and needs to be misted. Plants need tender loving care just like humans and I hope talking to them would keep them happy, or I could be just crazy! Whatever the case may be, I cannot say I did not give my plants a good life.  

Then there is Lady Lou the eyelash fern that requires a climate of around 75 degrees. Sadly, I do not believe she can be saved because the leaves are a light brown and droopy. If you forget to tend to things, they too will be like my poor Lady Lou!  

My plants are more than just an ornament. They are my plant babies, with their own needs and characteristics. I have more plants that I tend to, such as Three Finger Larry the cactus, Rona the cactus (yes, named so aptly to Covid-19), Bailey the bonsai tree, Moe the aloe vera and more.  

In life the small things are what make me happy. If there is any other life lesson I could give, it would be live according to what makes you happy and always tend to your garden. 

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