Doing What you Want and Doing What you Need 

The realization that life can be more than just all work and no play has made me change my outlook. I do what I want when I want and am happy to do so! I do not let life pass me by, as life is too short for that.   

Of course, do not leave all your responsibilities behind! Stability is a must-needed thing in your daily life, and it keeps you grounded. What I mean by doing what you want is to live while doing what you enjoy. If you are constantly working and never making time for yourself, you leave yourself behind. Do you feel like a shadow of your former self? Are you frequently tired and feel life is bleak? Then remember to give yourself time to rest, play and smile.  

Balancing Wants and Needs (Responsibilities)  

Balancing daily tasks can be difficult, but you can do something fun at some point in the schedule. I love to write, and my fingers are constantly typing up something new. Writing is fun because I can create new worlds. Also, when it comes to my blog, I feel it is therapeutic for me to post. Why not enjoy life while you are still breathing? Please do remember to do what you need because life is all about balance.   

A way to balance your daily tasks is to keep a planner. You can have a planner on your phone, computer, or a physical copy. I like to have a physical copy because it seems to help my brain more.   

Moreover, an excellent tip to follow is to do the most important tasks first and the least important last. Especially if there is a deadline for a specific job, this will need to be finished first. Once you have more organization in your life, you can start thinking about yourself. Balance, balance, balance! It may seem boring to have a schedule and be organized, but it helps. Now Time for Fun!  

Once you have taken care of all your responsibilities, you can have fun. Remember always to have enough money to pay your bills and buy food and gas. You do not want to spend all your money on doing fun things. You can set aside money specifically for fun activities. Saving up money for activities can be easier than just spending blindly.   

The weekends are an excellent time to plan for adventures if you have weekends free. Spending time in the great outdoors is my favorite thing to do! Walking briskly through the forest without caring for the world frees my soul from the daily grind. I may find a morel or chanterelle mushroom along the path, ever the scavenger and free-spirited. The forest is my sacred space, and I love to breathe that fresh air. Of course, it helps that I live in the beautiful state of Washington.   

(Cashmere, WA, Photo Courtesy: Me)  

Once you find the things that bring you peace and happiness, life does get easier. I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, but now I do not let it stop the beauty surrounding me. Balance your responsibilities/needs with your wants!   

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    Love this and it is very inspiring on so many levels.

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