Inspirational Poems  

By: Brittany Gonzales 

Below are two poems that I wrote when I had two different feelings. The first poem I was very happy and the second poem I was depressed. Notice the contrast between the poems but they both end with a sweet message. These messages are of hope against even the toughest of times! I hope that these poems bring some solace to you. Thank you for reading and please subscribe to my page, free of charge.  

Look for the Light 

The glistening light dazzled across my arm, The beauty of it was quite a charm, 

Life was dancing against my skin, As I searched for its origin. 

Open the heavens to gaze upon, The Almighty Lord is not gone, 

He resides inside the light, where life is in plain sight. 

Fret not if you do not hear his call, have faith and do not fall, 

He is always within sight, just look for the light. 

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There once was a little girl who floated amongst the shadows, forging along with uncertainty and feeling trapped, 

Drifting through each unremarkable corridor, each wooded corridor never really leading to a room. With each reach the rooms would disappear into the gray, her soul was lost along this gray journey with no end in sight, 

All around her were these ghostly beings that floated along the passage, dispirited moans echoed throughout the walls. 

The pain of each spirit apparent with the crescendos, soon she too became a ghostly being lingering with no hope, she always felt as though she was this invisible, despondent thing, a thing that was neither here nor there, only in the blank space of reality. 

As she floated with a downcast face, she was always too tired to care, she looked up around the sea of people into a window, her reflection was not there, 

What was she? A creature of things only heard of in fantasy, was she even alive?  She was like a ghost amongst the living and lost within herself. 

Yet, she kept on the unknown path shuffling with all the other dejected people, the path was as dark as night leaving her in anguish,

Her silent cries fading into all the other unearthly moans, she knew she was not headed toward the endless fire, nor was she headed towards the clouds.

Yet, she kept on this arduous journey trying to find the answers to her questions of life; she was raised by guardian, not the typical guardians that carefully protected children from demons,

They were the evil spirited entities that stole her light with zeal, demons that stole away her soul and led her on a dark unknown.

They spit and spat on the little girl’s innocence, imagination and hope, So, the little girl walked along the gray path sullen with despair,

Until she met her savior, God, a true hero in her path to absolution, she felt rejoiced as her innocence, imagination and hope was restored.

The light that was once stolen becoming brighter than a dazzling diamond, then from that day forward she was no longer this THING,

She became this beautiful woman that always had sunshine on her face, her ghostly appearance turning into an ethereal radiance.

Life was never the same once she met her true and steady hero, life was never the same for me, the girl amongst the shadows.

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