The Unicorn Philosophy  

The Unicorn Philosophy, According to Me

What is the unicorn philosophy, in my opinion? The unicorn philosophy is living a life according to your values and wants. A great concept to remember in life, especially when dealing with depression and anxiety, is that you have to live for yourself. If you are always living for others, this will drain your energy to forget about yourself. Alternatively, it would be best if you did not live a life of selfish means but remember to think about yourself. BE YOUNIQUE.  

Living a life according to the uniqueness of a unicorn entails many different things. Will you choose to fade into obscurity or fight to live another day? If you do not particularly feel strong, always follow the advice from a unicorn on any given day.  

Advice From a Unicorn

I like the saying on various posters and sites, “Advice from a unicorn: Follow rainbows, keep your head up, be legendary, spend time in the forest, it’s okay to be a little mysterious, create your fairytale and live a magical life!” Why should we live a draining, mundane, and too serious life? It is okay to be childish at times and be free of the shackles of society. Keeping your head up while chasing the magic is such a valuable mindset; this helps squash those ugly, depressing thoughts before they surface!   

Live a life that makes you comfortable and the happiest. Please do not punish yourself for past mistakes; it is the PAST. Get past all those negative thoughts that lead to a hard life to live. You will experience hurdles in life that you will need to overcome, but that should not stop you from seeing the beauty in things.   

I want to end this post with a funny limerick I wrote:   

My heart did aflutter,  

As my fork picked up the butter.  

The walls did constrict,  

As the doctor did predict.  

The waves did not slack,  

As the flow gave me a heart attack.  

The limerick above is meant to be lighthearted and funny. It is about butter and how, if consumed in large quantities, it can cause bad outcomes. Just like having a negative mindset can lead to negative results, a person must live a life that steers away from bad things. Thank you for reading my blog; The Unicorn Philosophy is the new name. I feel that this name fits my purpose more, and it is memorable. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my contact page if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on! Good luck battling those depressing and anxious thoughts. Remember that people are dealing with the same things and do care! 

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Please do not be afraid to seek help!

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