Nourishing your Soul, Eating Good Food, and Being Fulfilled 

Good Food Nourishes your Body 

I recently went to a nice restaurant in my local town called Patini’s Grill. It serves American food, and it is so delicious! I went with my boyfriend, and we started with the bacon-wrapped scallops. These scallops were so divine, and I thought I had gone to heaven. Then we both got the 8oz. steak with potato scallops and asparagus! Our main course was when my soul left my body, and I floated up into the clouds. Good food can do that to you! Lastly, we had a crème brule for our desert, and it brought me back down to earth. My experience with this restaurant would make a great Yelp review.   

Imagine my Yelp review saying this: “The food was so divine, that my soul escaped my body, touched the clouds, floated slowly back down to earth, and nourished my body.”  

Just as you have to nourish your body with good, healthy food (admittedly, the food I had was not the healthiest), you must feed your soul.   

Nourishing your Soul  

Nourishing more than your body is essential. To live the life you deserve, you constantly have to feed your soul. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things that you can do.   

Moreover, you cannot expect to be fine if you are unwilling to work on it. Just like feeding your stomach, you have to provide for your soul. It is hungry too and deserves to be fed.   

To do this, you have to look within yourself. What are things that you could work on? What are things that need mending? What makes you happy? What feeds your soul?  

I will answer these questions to give you an idea of what I am talking about above. First, I get scared easily, which stems from my anxiety. Minor things can scare me, like someone walking into the room while talking. In my past, I was not in the safest living situation, which made me afraid of things. It is essential to face your past and heal. Healing your soul nourishes your soul.  

Second, what needs mending is coming to terms with my past. I have dealt with my fair share of childhood trauma from horrible adults. Adults that were supposed to protect me but decided not to. How can you truly nourish your soul if you do not fully heal from your past? As I write this post, I know I need to handle and recover from this.   

Next, the things that make me happy are my family, God, and writing. These are the main three things that help my soul sing. My blog is not meant to talk about God, so I will not detail that. My family is the most important thing in my life and is a sound support system.  

A sound support system is another thing that can help you become whole. It is essential to be surrounded by optimistic, helpful people that will make you a better person. Or people who will not cause you to think negative thoughts or be something you are not.   

Writing makes me happy because it is therapeutic. You can write in a journal about your daily thoughts. Journals are an excellent tool for therapy and keeping your soul happy. I also like to write poetry, children’s books, and short stories. I have always loved doing creative things, and writing comes naturally.  

Lastly, all of the things that I mentioned above feed my soul. I am working on healing from my past, which will help the trauma I suffered from being a distant memory. Then being surrounded by things that make you happy and having a positive outlook is key to a good life.   

Being Fulfilled  

Living a fulfilling life is easier than a person may think. One day I decided that I was tired of being negative and having a sour outlook on life. I finally “woke up” and lived a life worth living. If you are a constantly negative person and cannot see the beautiful life you have been given, you are not fully awake. I lived that way for most of my life because I decided my trauma was too much to handle.   

I went floating through life, not truly seeing what was ahead of me. Instead, I let all of those destructive emotions consume my soul, and it would have if I did not wake up. Please read these words in stride and wake up from those negative emotions. If you think of the bad constantly, there cannot be room for the good to come in. 

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  1. 💯 true….thank you for writing this, so much wisdom. ❤️

  2. Beautifully said .One must remember good food its also whatever food makes you feel Happy and in the clouds as you say ! Keep up the positive, as it makes our days a new look forward too.

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