Having Flaws, Being Happy and Not Being Afraid to Fail 

Flaws are Part of Being Human  

What does it mean to be human? Being human means, you are flawed. Perfection is unattainable and is not something that a person should strive for anyway. People are imperfect; it is part of being human. Humans are not perfect, nor should we be.   

Furthermore, there are no faults that you do not already know. My major flaw is bottling up my feelings too much. It can be unhealthy to let emotions, especially negative ones, pile up until they falter. I am a flawed human and struggle with depression and anxiety daily. By recognizing your flaws, struggles, and anxiety triggers, you can live a more productive life.   

Failure=A Learning Opportunity  

Does failure scare you? As mentioned above, perfection is not something that can happen. Failure is something that you will have to overcome in life. You can choose whether or not you are going to sink or swim. I decide to swim, and I push past those barriers every day. Sure, I have thought about giving up. Who hasn’t? Does this define me, or will this defeat me? No, because I am strong, I have decided that my mental illnesses are just a part of me.   

Moreover, failure brings learning opportunities that are valuable life lessons. Life gives you lessons every day, no matter if you pay attention or not. You cannot separate from your failure. Adapt. Learn. Grow.   

You are worthy of love and a good life. Why choose to think negatively and be afraid to live? Instead, retrain that beautiful mind of yours to think optimistically. Do not always be too serious. Do not be scared to fail. 

Most importantly, be happy. Happiness is what helps you kick the ugly heads of depression and anxiety. It will get better, and you will bask in that glorious sunshine of life again.   

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