Constantly Grow.Adapt.

(A short post to motivate you!)

When I look back at my life, there are so many experiences that have led me to the path that I am on.  Though most of these experiences were bad, I was able to pick myself up. In life, there are many lessons that you will learn and experiences that will challenge your spirit. A growth mindset is what has helped me in the present. I am slowly deciding to leave the past alone and not to let it define me. 

The past does not define you, the present and your future define you. How are you going to make your life better? Will you decide to let demons lie? These are the things that I think about often as it motivates me to do better. In my opinion, people should always be growing as a person and learning. You unconsciously learn every day, without even realizing it. Remaining open-minded and not letting your mind get clouded with closed-minded jargon is healthy. Always grow. Always learn. Adapt. Be the sunshine in someone’s life and breath. Do not let naysayers get in your way of growth, these people are a waste of your time. I prefer to not waste my time on trivial matters. 

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