Retrain your Anxious Brain  

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Did you know that you can retrain your anxious brain? Anxiety is triggered by how we think and the environment around us. Anxiety is an emotional response that is similar to fear. A clear and definable threat causes fear. Whereas anxiety happens when an immediate threat is absent (Karle & Pittman, 2015). When we feel tense and discomfort, our brain responds to this and makes us feel anxious.   

Though anxiety can be an uncomfortable response to something that may happen, the brain can be trained not to respond. By responding with negative thoughts to a possible event, we allow anxiety to rule. Anxiety can be held back by anticipating thoughts or images that might cause you to be nervous. When you know these negative things, you can make changes (Karle & Pittman, 2015). The brain is a potent mechanism, and anxiety is an emotion. Emotions can be controlled if only you are aware of triggers. Triggers can be different for everyone. 


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People can be triggered by the smallest things, such as hearing bad news. Other people are not able to walk outside for fear of negative impacts. Many things in this world may trigger an anxious person. Further, if you know what causes you anxiety, you can stop those feelings in their tracts. First, understand the thoughts and images that cause adverse reactions and then take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Do not let those bad thoughts keep you, prisoner. Believe that you control your mind and decide not to let those triggers get to you. The brain can be shaped into having a more positive state of mind. Hope is just beyond the horizon as you discover that things can change.   

My childhood was a time that caused me to have bad anxiety. I lived through horrendous events that caused me to be very wound up. I was never able to rest and was always on edge. Moreover, this made me have anger management issues, and in turn, I was not the most excellent person. I lashed out at others that did not deserve my anger. I would call people nasty names and be an all-around horrible person. No matter how bad your life is, other people do not deserve to be treated badly.   

Once I found that, all I needed to do. When it came to my anxiety was changing my state of mind, I could win. No longer was I wrought with stress and tension. Yes, I am not a perfect person and still get anxious, but it does not consume me. If you let something consume you, that is what it will do, CONSUME you.   

Ever since I decided to stay optimistic and surround myself with love and hope, I have been living a life of beauty. Please do not let those anxious and negative thoughts consume you, and remember that life is worth living. If you need to reach out, I have a contact page, and I am willing to listen. 


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