The Mental Divide

(The masks people put on pretending they are fine)

Masks Up  

People often live life in two separate worlds, the outside world, and the inner world. Masks go up as we pretend to be okay, saying, “Yes, I am doing good, or I feel fine.” Next, we retreat to our inner world, where our minds reign free. Our internal struggles are hidden and kept from the world. The place where the dweller resides, hiding their genuine emotions in fear of being cast off. 

Mental Divide  

People can have this “mental divide” created to shield themselves from the world. What is the reason? Why do we do this? Inner turmoil can build and build until the cracks that slowly form over time decay. In my opinion, it is not healthy to bottle up emotions and let them fester.   

Have you ever seen what happens to a wound when you let it fester? It is not a pretty sight to see and often can become infected. Imagine your feelings as a wound that goes untreated. The wound becomes so infected that it starts to decay and needs to be treated. When a person goes down this route, it can lead to more negative emotions and feelings that weep into their soul. Wounds need to heal in one form or another.   

What Can I do?  

To treat the wound you have built from your depression and anxiety; you need to realize hope is near. Hope is on the horizon, even if today feels dark. Who knows what tomorrow or the future will bring you if you persevere and never lose faith.   

To stop that ugly wound in its tracks, I like to do things like journaling my feelings or activities from my day. Journaling is an excellent mechanism for healing and self-care. Self-care is crucial because it allows you to stay healthy mentally.   

Another technique that I like to do is nature therapy. Nature therapy is stepping outside and breathing in that fresh air. Take a deep breath in as you smell that nice crisp air. Perhaps you can take a walk somewhere nice; for example, I like to walk mountain trails and take in the beautiful scenery. If you do not live by the mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, etc., taking a simple walk helps. Exercise is an excellent form of therapy, and what better way to do it than be in nature? 


My “The Wound Left Untreated” poem  

Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months  

These are the periods the wound stays untreated,  

Festering an ugly, green-black ooze  

Causing tremendous pain and sorrow.


It stays decaying in the mind wanting relief  

Relief from an unforgiving world of darkness and sin,  

A world slowly judging, judging your true emotions  

Emotions that should not be hidden,  

The wound feels every whisper and secret 

As these feelings lay dormant, your body never heals.  

True healing comes from within if only you can be brave enough  

Heal that sadness as you find the words to talk,  

Speak up and let the world hear you!  

Be all that you can be  

Treat that wound.  

Seeking Help Can Be Key  

Please do not hesitate to seek professional help. Talk to a friend or family member or someone willing to listen without criticism. I am not a professional and may not have all the answers you are looking for; I am a person willing to listen and write words that may help you feel better. Thank you for reading my blog, and never be afraid to speak out.   

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