Be Your Authentic Self

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Being Your Authentic Self  

“Being your authentic self,” what does this exactly mean? Authentic is when you are genuine to your true self. You do not put on a mask for society so that you can fit in. Instead, you wear those silly headbands that others may think are childish. You put on that rainbow jumpsuit because you are FIERCE. You stand tall and walk with pride. In addition, you smile and laugh because this is healthy.   

Constantly worrying about what others think can do more harm than good. Stress is not suitable for the soul or body. Stress can age you and have detrimental effects on your health. Unfortunately, living with anxiety and depression can damper your mood, and the fierce attitude you have can dim. These feelings can come in time like an ebb and flow motion.   

My Love for Unicorns  

The reason my blog centers around a unicorn is simple. I love unicorns! Not in the sense that I believe they are real because I know they are fictional creatures. Unicorns symbolize free-spirited, free-thinking, and uniqueness.   

More than that, unicorns are pure and lead a life according to their own rules. These majestic creatures are not dwindled by societal woes and cherish the small things in life. I am a unicorn. I am unique. I am free.   

Mood Changes  

Further, when life puts you on an emotional roller coaster, how can you remain hopeful? How can you be your true self? These are questions that I ponder all the time. I try to stay true to myself and stay optimistic, even when my world seems chaotic.

Like the ebb and flow of your moods, it will pass, and you will survive. The ultimate key to living a good life is to live life for yourself. You cannot live life for others while not living for yourself. First, you always need to put your needs above others. Once you take care of yourself, you can take care of others.   


A good practice to keep is affirmations. Affirmations are little boosts you can give yourself to make yourself feel better. For example, “I am beautiful. I am important. I am awesome!” Words of encouragement are a great way to give yourself a mood boost.   

Another way to utilize the power of affirmations is to put sticky notes on your mirror, refrigerator, desk, vanity, or any surface that you use a lot. Whichever words fill you with inspiration and hope, stick those words on your most used surface. Being constantly surrounded by positive thinking and reading is needed when living with depression and anxiety.   

Finally, please remember in your day-to-day hassles, do not shy away from being your authentic self. I am a quirky, nerdy, free-spirited, and cheerful individual. I like to wear silly headbands and read classic literature. Whatever type of person you are, BE THAT PERSON. If you like wearing SpongeBob pajamas to school, do it! Or if you want to go to the city and play the violin in the streets, do it!   

Never let this world dim your light because you are beautiful, important, and awesome! You are being your true self, and that is healthy!   

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